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Amada Laser Punch Combo

Published in Galleries on 4/19/2018 by Ballscrew Guys


Amada Apelio III 357V Laser Punch Combo

These Laser/Turret Punch Combination machines are major work horses. These have a reputation for being fast. Very capable machines high volume and smaller lot production. We encounter these machines fairly often. If yours has is in production at reduced speed, give us a call. The reason why your machine's production has been limited could be directly related to looseness in the Linear Motion System and Ball Screws.

Back of Amada

With the base design very similar to the Amada Turret Punch systems, the X-Axis and Y-Axis Ball Screws are generally very easy to access and service. With refurbishment of the ball screws being completed within one production shift.

X-Axis Inspection

The X-Axis is typically easy to inspect. When the machine is powered down, rotate the ball screw back and forth by hand. Make quick stops with the screw as you twist. Notice if you hear or feel a Thunk or Clunk sound. This is very commonly a sign for looseness and deadband within the ball screw.

Amada Apelio III 357V

The most common motion system on the Apelio and other Amada Turret Punches to become loose is the Y-Axis. This ball screw is most often hidden underneath the top side of the Amada Bridge Frame systems. The Y-Axis Yoke is offset from the Table. Sometimes it has a auto lubrication feed, other have a simple grease fitting which is commonly ignored. This mechanical system is the first to experience serious wear over the machines manufacturing lifespan.

Amada Apelio Linear Motion Rail and Slider

Y-Axis Linear Way Guide Slider Blocks underneath the table. These rail assemblies and bearing blocks are often left for years without lubrication or cleaning. This in turn can lead to tooling which requires slower punch and cutting speed, snagged punch tooling, and final part quality control issues. If you are having out of square punch or cut issues, Linear Way Guide looseness is a place to start looking. Ballscrew Guys are specialists at rebuilding the existing Linear Way Guide Rails and Slide Blocks you already have.

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