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Published in Galleries on 3/01/2018 by Ballscrew Guys


Mixed Systems

Heian Routers are often a blend of rack and pinion bridge/gantry systems mixed with ball screws. In the image above, you can see how the linear way guide system of the Y-Axis is exposed to dust and router debris. The Y-Axis Ballscrew has a simple chip shield but is exposed on the sides and back leaving the bearing raceways exposed to contamination. This contamination eventually migrates into the bearing components.

“Clean Up Dust Occasionaly”

Yes. We know it is misspelled. This is a sticker we found while servicing the rack and pinion system of a Heian Router. We thought we should add another sticker that said “When you feel like it or the boss is watching.”

While the rack in pinion systems are less accurate than ball screw systems, they make up for lower accuracy with increased speed and reliability. However, even with this simpler design, the gear teeth and rack track need to be cleaned and scrubbed periodically as preventative maintenance.



The Heian Y-Axis ball screw system is typically an external rotation bearing style ball screw where the ball nut has two seperate bearing systems. One system moves the ball nut up and down the screw driven by a belt pulley while the other allows the screw to be connected to the Y-Axis yoke, affixing the screw to the axis to be moved. It is strongly suggested that an extra belt be ordered prior to a Y-Axis ball screw service. This new belt can be used to replace the old belt or be positioned on the end of the ball screw shaft to be a quick replacement when necessary.

Y-Axis End Mounts

Ball screw tension is set on the Y-Axis by two fixed end mounts. While it may seem that the almost 3” wide solid steel shaft of the screw is stout, it does have a considerable amount of flex. For a ball screw to be effective, it must be stretched between the two mounts.

Note the dust covering the ball screw shaft before service. That dust is being packed inside the ball nut and has been doing so for years.


Servo Motor

This is the back side of the Y-Axis servo motor as it connects and drives the ball screw. The entire Y-Axis service is to be done far from the floor which requires ladders and improvised scaffolding. If your facility follows more strict safety guidelines, Ballscrew Guys are trained in the use of protective safety harnesses and other height personal protection safety protocols. If your company mandates these protocols, please let us know your policies so that we may be in total compliance.

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