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Published in Galleries on 3/01/2018 by Ballscrew Guys


Northwood Motion Systems

Northwood CNC Routers are extremely robust in manufacture, but there ball bearing motion system components still suffer from the same contamination issues as other CNC routers. The ball screw and linear way guide components still get clogged with sawdust and debris. Eventually this foreign material clogs up the lubrication delivery systems within the bearing assemblies causing friction to increase on the bearing races. Continued usage of the machine under these conditions often lead to bearing failure, damaged ball screws, or overheated servo motors.

Refurbished Components

In the years of servicing Northwood routers, we have encountered many varieties of ball screw manufacture types in the machines. Please keep in mind that we here with Ballscrew Guys seldom work on new equipment with most equipment a decade old or longer with replaced and refurbished components. Most commonly we find Umbra Group or Rexroth motion system components inside. It is also common to find other non-OEM refurbished components inside your machine which can complicate service times and pricing, so we may need some descriptive information of your motion systems parts before giving you accurate service pricing.

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