Bosch Rexroth 4013 Series

Rexroth 4013 Series
Rexroth 4013 Series

Ballscrew Guys are specialists at rebuilding your used and worn out Bosch Rexroth ball screw nuts. The Rexroth R151324013 ball nut is found in many CNC machines including Omax and Flow Waterjets and Onsrud Routers. Over the decades of repairing these machines in field service, we have had to develop replacement internal parts and seals to repair damaged the components to complete ball screw refurbishment.

The process is straightforward. We dunk your worn out ball nut in a solution tank to loosen old oil and debris followed by disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. If the ball nut looks solid, we polish the internal bearing raceway, install new ball bearing recirculation guides, add ball bearings, new snap rings, and seals. We then grease the ball nut and mount it on a mandrel for easy installation similar to what you get when you purchase an OEM replacement. If the ball nut cannot be serviced because of crash damage or excessive wear, there will be no service charge.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to examine and inspect your ball screw shaft prior to installation of a new ball nut. Quite often there can be damage on your ball screw in case of a complete motion system failure. Not addressing any damage to the screw before installing a replacement ball nut can lead to shortened ball nut life and premature failure. If you need help with this, we have many field service technicians who can come to your facility and make this repair turn key.

We offer this service of refurbishing a single Rexroth R151324013 for $299 plus shipping.

For (2) or more ball nuts, they are $275 each, plus return shipping.

Our turnaround time for refurbishing these ball nuts is about five business days.

If you need expedited service, we do offer a one day turn around service. However the availability of this service is dependent on our work load at that moment. In most cases we can make it work for a nominal expedited service charge.

Please submit our contact form with your contact information, location, and specific needs and we can provide a timeline and estimate.

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